Treatment Variety

Human skin is affected by light. The most common affect is tanning. Light affects our skin while it is absorbed in the various chromophores that our skin contains.

The wavelength, intensity, TRT (Thermal Relaxation Time), pulse duration and pulse pattern are the key elements when we come to treat human skin.

After meticulous clinical tests and observations and following patients and therapists feedback Top Engineering devised treatment protocols that in conjunction with the high ability and flexibility of our devices can offer superb treatment results with both safety and effectiveness.

If you wish to learn more about the biology and physics that stand behind our devices you are welcome to contact us and we will be happy to provide.

Our Devices

Available Treatments

* Hair Remoal:

For skin types I -V, including Hirsutism treatment

* Skin

For younger and more elastic skin

* Acne

Including Acne Vulgaris

* Pigmented
    lesions :

For Solar Lentigo and other pigmented disorders

* Vascular

For spider veins especially on the face

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