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Top Engineering - Prime - 810

Prime - 810 - The Innovative Diode Laser

The Prime - 810 is the first product utilizing the SPT-Laser technology that controls the laser flashes according to the selected treatment, skin color, light sensitivity and treatment depth.

The Prime - 810 has embedded treatment protocols that were composed after meticulous review of clinical researches, thousands of treatment results and while considering biological aspects like the treated tissue Thermal relaxation Time (TRT).

The Prime - 810 utilizes advanced and improved laser diodes in order to produce a high intensity laser beam that will allow a selective and efficient treatment of the hair follicles.

Innovative safety systems enable an accurate and safe treatment and will prevent unintended operation while the treatment handpiece does not touch the patient's skin.


The Prime - 810 enables, due to its large treatment spot, high pulse rate, treatment protocols and safety systems uncompromised safety and effectiveness in hair removal.

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Deep cooling, touch operated


810 nm

Pulse Interval:

0.1~1 Seconds


Computerized, touch control

Lamp's Life Span:

10,000,000 Flashes (min)

Cooling System:

Double cooling system

Chilled Tip

For higher energy in maximum safety

Treatment Area:

1.92 cm2 (12*16mm)


42Kg (including Stand)


44cm x 45cm x 100cm

Prime - 810, Clinical Parameters
Top Engineering - Prime - 810, Clinical Indications

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