High Light Plus
Top Engineering - High Light Plus

High Light Plus - Advanced Dermal System

High - light Plus is an advanced solution for an established clinic. Its high speed alongside the advanced treatment protocol embedded in the device enable the High - light Plus to provide clients with very good results and a sort treatment time.

High - light Plus incorporates clinical knowledge of more than twelve years of research and market feedback.

The high pulse repetition of 0.5 sec. between pulses enables the treatment of large body areas in a short time, resulting in more patients per hour and higher revenue rates for the clinic.

The High - light Plus is equipped with a lamp that last for 200,000 pulses. This number enable the clinic to work continuously for long time periods, avoiding maintenance downtimes and save maintenance costs.


The High - Light Plus is a multifunction device that suits the needs of the modern clinic.

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Multipurpose Wavelength


420-1100 nm

Pulse Interval:

0.5~2 Seconds

Output Power:

Up to 22 joule/cm2 in Normal Mode,
Up to 31 joule/cm2 in Self Setting Mode, upto 4,000W

Lamp's Life Span:

200,000 Flashes (min)

Cooling System:

Improved Air Cooling


Advanced Software Interface

Treatment Area:

7.5 cm2 (15*50mm)


40Kg (including Stand)


44cm x 45cm x 100cm

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