Forte -718
Top Engineering - Forte - 718

Forte - 718 - The advanced cool solution

The Forte - 718 is a state of the art device, who utilized our innovative cooling system for maximal patient comfort and satisfaction.

Alongside the cooling system you will find our finest treatment protocols with pinpoint accuracy and effectiveness.

The Forte - 718's cooling system is computer controlled and enables the therapist to apply higher energy rates with perfect safety and insure optimal treatment results.

The Forte - 718 is a keystone in the operation of a successful and established clinic. Its treatment results and comfort will elevate the clinic's reputation and revenues. It is equipped with more flashes per lamp, variable flash patterns - adjustable for each treatment mode, Patch test - to determine the clients' unique skin characteristics, handpiece temperature control, a large touch screen and a self setting mode that enables the practitioner to examine various treatment protocols.


This state of the art device is the advantage every clinic should acquire in order to compete for a good market share.

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Multipurpose Wavelength


420-1100 nm

Pulse Interval:

0.5~2 Seconds

Output Power:

11-31 joule/cm2, upto 4,000W

Lamp's Life Span:

300,000 Flashes (min)

Cooling System:

Improved Air Cooling

Chilled Tip

For higher energy in maximum safety

Treatment Area:

7.5 cm2 (15*50mm)


43Kg (including Stand)


44cm x 45cm x 100cm

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